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We perform top quality work using the finest industry equipment and tools.

Green business 

method of cleaning

Employing the most popular and effective method of cleaning: hot water extraction, known as steam cleaning. The explanation for hot water extraction is quite simple: a high performing machine brings the water to the necessary pressure and temperature, This allows for deep penetration and, most importantly, knocks the fine carpet wearing debris loose in a wave-like motion into the suction of the wand. This, coupled with product knowledge and hard work, has granted Jeff praise and appreciation for his work and this really motivates him!

Jeff is very dedicated to being green and offering a green way to purchase services. He operated primarily by bike, often hauling 400 plus pounds of rugs all across town! - from the top of Mt. Scott in Happy Valley all the way to Beaverton. He hopes to one day find the right employee for this faithful job.

Flexible scheduling

We schedule to meet your needs, offering morning, afternoon, evening and weekend appointments.

However dirty the carpets, we have the Organic solution